Level 6/7 Vault Line Art Models - August 2019

Level 6/7 Handspring Vault PowerPoint - August 2019

Level 6/7 Tsukahara Vault PowerPoint - August 2019

Level 6/7 Yurchenko Vault PowerPoint - August 2019

Vault -- What would you take?

By NAWGJ Region 7 Courtesy of Myra Elfenbein, MD NAWGJ

Compulsory Floor Exercise - Good to Great!

By NAWGJ Region 4

Optional Uneven Bar Challenge -- Created by NAWGJ Region 6
Challenge your brain in a different way. Complete the symbol sequence. Symbols can be used more than once. Include the multiple correct possibilities. Take the Connection Value indicated into account when making your decisions. Connection value principles and page references from the 2013-17 JO Code, 2nd edition.

Switch Leap to Tour Jete Full

Switch Leap Full vs Tour Jete Half

Uneven Bar Grip Changes   By Marion Dykes

Skills Named for U.S. Women



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