Collegiate Judges Review Videos – 2019





Rules & Clarifications

NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Rules News #17 March 15, 2019

NCAA 2018-2019 Women's Gymnastics Summary Sheet

2018 & 2019 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Rules Modifications

NCAA Compensation Guidelines – 2019

Judges Assignment System (JAS) Information

Application for Regional JAS Assigner - Deadline June 1, 2019

Judges Assignment System (JAS)2019 Manual


Collegiate Meet Referee Checklist- 2019

New NCAA Judges Form for 2019

NCAA Equipment Walk Through for Meet Referees - Video

NCAA Judging – Tips for Collegiate Meet Referees - Video
This video contains all of the following shorter videos:

  Pre-meet Activities
  Walking versus Judging Meet Referee
  Inquiries & Conferences
  Rare Occurrences
  Post Meet Activities

Judging Forms

Please see the Tool Tyme page for additional collegiate judging forms.

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