July 22, 2003 - New Web site design

We hope you like our new design of the web site. We've tried to incorporate suggestions from the 2003 State Judging Director's workshop and also tried to make it more user friendly and intuitive to use. Let us hear from you. What else can we improve?

We are definitely in need of judges photos (otherwise they will all be from MN, Georgia and Region 5  - as that as who has sent us photos.) If you have a photo of judges send it to us--we can scan it in if you don't have it electronically, otherwise attach to an email.

We also get many requests from judges wanting to know when and where there are clinics. We'll give you FREE publicity for any NAWGJ sponsored clinic--just email us the details or a flyer and we will post it.

We will continue to update this site. Yet to come--signing up for automatic updates, copies of the NAWGJ Judge's Operating Guide and the Constitution, photos of the merchandise plus whatever information you send us to help us out.

3/15/03 - Judges’ Certification, Inc. - Volunteer Position Available

1/30/03 - Region 8 Congress 2003 Information and Registration Form

1/16/03 - NAWGJ officer financial reports—guidelines.  Thanks to Marion Dykes, Brevet-rated official, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the USAG Region 8 Technical Chair for the text from her lecture at the June 2002 SJD workshop.

1/04/03 - June 2002 NAWGJ National Board unofficial minutes

12/30/02 - NAWGJ Warmup order form & picture, check the sizing—these run small.  A great looking warm-up for those times you are helping out in a gym!  

10/15/02 - 2002-2003 USAG Rules & Policies: Part 5 concerns officials, the end of the document includes the updated judges fee schedule.

10/15/02 - Check out the new Washington NAWGJ website; Order a NAWGJ Pin 

10/15/02 - Congratulations to Jackie Fie,  Delene Darst, Audrey Schweyer and Linda Chenchinski for their special award from the FIG  

9/21/02 - 2003 NCAA rules are now posted on the National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches/Women site: http://www.collegegymnast.com

8/21/02 - Attention SJD's:
Scripting (no scores) is now available for the new 2002 NAWGJ Collegiate Gymnastics tape. If you would like a copy of the script, please e-mail librarian Judy Dobransky at Ddobransky@aol.com. Be sure to include your mailing address so she can get it out to you.

7/5/02 - NCAA information