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Dear Collegiate Gymnastic Official

Email conversations have taken place over the last month regarding the participation of NAWGJ/JAS judges in college intersquad competitions.  The NCAA was to shed some light on the current policy before Thanksgiving. I have not received an official policy from them regarding intersquad meets.   At this point we need to follow the latest information we have that was sent to our organizations.  I did confirm with D'Ann Keller, NCAA that the following is permissible.

It appears that I may advise NAWGJ members that they are permitted to attend and observe a practice session or intrasquads (with permission from the institution and/or coach) as long as NO interaction takes place between the official and the coaching staff or student -athletes.

 From Ms. Keller:  To be clear, if judges want to attend for professional development purposes – and not interact with the coaches or student-athletes – that does not contradict the outside consultants or countable coach legislation.

NAWGJ has recommended (and I believe the NACGC/W has concurred with this) that all inter-squads must be held before the start of the season.  Generally that has been prior to Jan 1 but it is possible that a handful of were actually held the first week of January prior to the first competition of the season.  We recommend PRE season.  The only time I actually know of one taking place during the season was when a visiting team was stranded at home due to snow, the judges had already arrived and so the host school had an "intersquad" since the judges were on site.  Judges are not supposed to speak with coaches during the season (except a cordial hello) therefore it would not be appropriate to have conversation or an intersquad during the season. Please remember that if you are at an intersquad event, do not interact with coaches or student athletes.  Perform your duties exactly as you would at a regular season competition.  

The institution is permitted to have limited countable consultants (choreographers), extra coaches, etc.  See below:

From the NCAA Policy: Further, an institution may not employ an outside consultant to observe institutional practice sessions and provide analysis of such sessions to coaching staff members without including the individual in the institution's coaching limitations in that sport. [References: (noncoaching activities) and (use of outside consultants).

As an official please follow the protocol that is permissible.  The coaches know the policies as well, it is their responsibility to be informed, act in a professional manner and follow NCAA policy.  You should not be expected to cross the line.


Best Regards,
Carole Ide
President, NAWGJ