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USA Gymnastics


Excel Program

Women's Program

J.O. Program
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Just for Judges
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Criminal Background Check Overview



CPE Information

Continuing Professional Education Requirements
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Annual CPE Record


CPE Cards(Clinic and Miscellaneous Credit)


  Clinic Hours for Multi-Track Educational Events Form

  Judging Accreditation Forms



Committee Minutes


Women’s Junior Olympic Committeel


Women’s Technical Committee



Technical Information


J. O. Code of Points Updates


J. O. Compulsory Book Updates


Rules & Policies


Women’s Technical Updates


Appendix Items from the Code of Points



Test Information


2017 Judges’ Courses Eligibility Forms

This link will take you to a page where you can choose the Brevet or National Judges Eligibility form to record clinic and volunteer hours at regional and national events.


Judging Accreditation


Judging Accreditation Registration for Examination Form


Master Schedule


Safety Certification 





Judging Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics 50 Years of Champions – Library

Past issues of different magazines from 1960s through 2010s