Marilyn Blilie – Regional Judging Director

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Region 3 NAWGJ Board Meeting Minutes – 7/15/2016

Compulsory General Faults & Penalties Deductions for Whole Exercise – 6/2017 by Marilyn Blilie & Lani Yosten Edited by Carole Bunge, RTC

Region 3 Board

L to R: Jana Caldwell, Nichole Otterson, Carol Williams, Marilyn Blilie, Jeana Ely. Katherine Gatschet, Charlotte Kinney (Absent Christi Larsen).

Region 3 SJDs and RJD State Judging Directors Workshop
Denver, July 2015

Region 3 Judges at 2015 Region 3 Congress

Region 3 Judges at 2014 Symposium

Region 3 State Judging Directors

Jana Caldwell, Arkansas, SJD  

Nichole Otterson, Colorado SJD  

Katherine Gatschet, Kansas SJD  

Charlotte Kinney, New Mexico SJD  

Jeana Ely, Oklahoma SJD  

Carol Williams, Texas SJD  

Christi Larsen, Wyoming SJD  


Region 3 Judging Director:
Marilyn Blilie

Arkansas State Judging Director (SJD):
Jana Caldwell

Colorado SJD:
Nichole Otterson

Kansas SJD:
Katherine Gatschet

New Mexico SJD:
Kelly Shane

Oklahoma SJD:
Jeana Ely

Texas SJD:
Carol Williams

Wyoming SJD:
Christi Larsen