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Gymnastic Judges Educational Development (GJED) Talks

GJED Talks are modeled after the famous TED Talks that focus on “ideas worth spreading.”  GJED Talks are short, focused presentations intended to stimulate your thinking about various aspects of gymnastics judging.    If you would like to develop a GJED Talk for NAWGJ, please email Ann Heppner at or Denise Green at .

Dealing with Difficult People

This GJED talk features Denise Green, Brevet Judge and Region 2 Regional Judging Director. She has worked as a Speech Language Pathologist for years and is well versed in social, emotional, and behavioral situations as well as resolution of issues. Denise presents ideas for resolving conflict and provides an excellent forum for discussion. This talk was produced by Region 2 NAWGJ/RJD and is highly recommended.

Performance Science Theory

This GJED talk features Ann Heppner presenting Patty Hannan’s Performance Science Theory. Ann is a Brevet judge and the NAWGJ Vice-President. This is an excellent talk for beginning and advanced judges alike. You will learn about selective attention, categorizing deductions, the grandmother skill, skill proficiency, and inductive and deductive reasoning. Be sure to print off the handout for this presentation. This talk was produced by Region 2 NAWGJ/RJD.

Performance Science Handout, view