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CPE Requirements

Annual CPE’s credits are required to test up to the next level and to be assigned to USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. The accreditation year is defined as August 1-July 31.

Each judge is responsible to keep accurate records of their CPE, including documentation of attendance at approved CPE experiences. Documentation should correspond to the hours submitted on the Annual CPE Record Form.

NOTE: W200, W300 & W400 Courses are live courses and can be used for CPE credit. U100 and U200 are online courses and cannot receive CPE credit. Once you register, you should receive an e-mail indicating that your registration was received. That e-mail will be your receipt.

If you attended a live webinar in the past, it can used that for credit, but an archived version will not count. If you attended the live webinar on January 8, 2014, Xcel Construction & Composition; June 4, 2014, Compulsory Re-Cap or attend the August 6, 2014, Xcel Judging it will count for one (1) CPE Clinic credit. Specifically-designated webinars will be able to receive one (1) CPE clinic credit and the list of webinars will show which are CPE-approved.