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Start Value Book - $25

Laminated pages including a +.1 Bonus Card as well as both a 0.75 and 0.95 card for those NCAA vaults that have different Start Values.

Chief Judge Neutral Deductions Book - $12

Neutral Deductions are taken from the Average Score by the Chief Judge. They must be indicated to the coach verbally or by visual means following the exercise.

Shorthand 101 - $12

Learn how to record what you see when judging a routine.

Vault Scoresheets Book - $12

50 pages back to back of Optional Vault Graphics

Compulsory Master Scoresheet Book - $20

One page per event per level with a list of specific deductions and blank sheets to score the routines. Make your own copies for the event you are judging each week. Also included is a listing of General & Chief Judge Deductions along with Timing and Scoring Information.