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Nomination Forms

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    Do you have a NAWGJ member who is an unsung hero or has made unique contributions to our organization, promotes professionalism, or demonstrates leadership that you would like to recognize? She/he could be a candidate for the Green Flag Award. This award may be given at the state and regional level annually and at the national level every four years. (This award need not be given every year.)

    If there are nominees at the state level, they will be sent to the SJD. The SGB will choose one recipient from their membership. The SJD will forward their recipient to the RJD. The RGB will choose a regional recipient. Regional recipients will be forwarded to the NGB. A national recipient will be chosen the year of the National Symposium from the pool of all regional recipients from the previous four years.


    • September 15 – Email to SJD with criteria and nomination form.
    • October 1 – SJD sends criteria and nomination form to membership
    • October 15 – Deadline for membership to send nominations to SJD
    • November 15 – State Award announced and forwarded to RJD
    • December 15 – Regional Award announced and forwarded to NGB


    All recipients will be listed on the NAWGJ National Website.

    Distribution of the Award:

    • State – Can be awarded at a state NAWGJ or USAG state clinic.
    • Regional – Can be awarded at a Regional NAWGJ Symposium or USAG Regional Congress.
    • National – Will be awarded every four years at National Symposium


    • State – Green fFlag Lapel Pin
    • Regional – Green Flag Pennant
    • National – Rolling Luggage with Green Flag Logo