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Myra Elfenbein


Myra Elfenbein

I first became interested in judging after the 1972 Olympics. I loved the sport and how acro and dance elements were combined. Our local coach (Carol Holden) was nice enough to let me help out with our recreational gymnastics team.

I thought with my dance background, having gone to the High School of Performing Arts In NYC, I might be able to help on floor and beam. Although these gymnasts were interested in dance, their main thrust was acro. If their main interest was dance they’d have been in dance class exclusively.

I became a judge in 1978 to show our gymnasts how correct dance would lead to a better score – USA Brevet judge for 28 years. Along the way, as with any judge, I had to learn to judge both bars vault, and acro. Although, at first this wasn’t easy, I eventually enjoyed judging those events as well.

Although born and raised in New York City, I now reside in Maryland and part time in Seattle, Washington.
I LOVE seeing the improvement in our gymnasts. It is a joy to watch.

Member of the Maryland State Board, Maryland State Judging director (8 years) and Region 7 Technical Committee Chairman for 16 years.