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Julie King


National Green Flag

Julie King

National Green Flag Recipient….2023

   Julie has been a NAWGJ member since 2004. She has served on the NC-NAWGJ State Board since at least 2012. She has volunteered and presented sessions at state and regional training camps and congresses several times, doing a great job interacting with coaches, judges, and gymnasts. She has been a national judge for the last two full cycles.

   She has revolutionized judges assigning for the entire country. In 2011, she created GymJas, an online assigning system which is used by most of the country. She is remarkably responsive when needs for new categories or new features arise, and she has made cross-state assigning effortless. Over 2100 judges are using the system for their availability and contracts, and in the past few years the capability to create Professional Activity reports was made available to all judges in all states.

   Julie also recognized the need for an electronic meet scoring system that was more user friendly than the systems that we were using at the time, and in 2015 she together with her husband started ScoreKing, an electronic scoring system that is easy to use. As with GymJas, she is incredibly responsive when judges suggest features that would make the system easier to use. During COVID, features were added that allowed judges to enter their scores directly into ScoreKing from home during virtual meets, making a difficult time a little more bearable.

   She has an easy manner with gymnasts, coaches and other judges, helping them feel comfortable while learning.

   She is a lifelong learner, who continues to work at developing her judging skills while continuing to give back to all parts of the gymnastics community.

Julie is so deserving of being named the recipient of the National Green Flag Award.