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  • Rules Modifications and Meet Procedures 2023, View 

    A note from Ben. “There is a significant change from previous years in this document. Four of the previous appendices were removed from the modification document. These are the Video Review Form, Inquiry Form, Routine Summary Form and Meet Referee Checklist. These appendices are forms and a checklist that are being reviewed and revised by other groups. When these revisions are completed and provided, we will post them at the same link above.

    We will include the information regarding the removed forms in the mid-October and November Newsletters. We will also provide a diagram for the vault lines/funnel at that time. We are working on creating a clean graphic for this – as the images provided have not been clear and could not be easily placed into the modification document. When that graphic is complete we will include it in the rules document, as well as share this as its own guidance on the rules page above.”

  • NCAA Women's Gymnastics Rules News Provided by Chrystal Chollet-Norton
  • USAG Congress Presentation: for 2022 Season, View 
  • 2022 NCAA Women's Summary Sheets (Yohman/Vitale), View 
  • Collegiate Coach Conduct and Judging Procedures (Yellow Card), View 

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