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The Executive Officers

Catherine Batsche photo
Catherine “Cookie” Batsche
NAWGJ President
Ann Heppner photo
Ann Heppner
NAWGJ Vice President
Robin Ruegg
NAWGJ Director of Finance
Denise Green headshot
Denise Green
NAWGJ Secretary

At-Large Directors

Lois Colburn headshot photo
Lois Colburn
National Collegiate Assigner
Jan Eyman headshot photo
Jan Eyman
National Education Director
Gina Fuller
National Historian
Evelyn Paradis headshot photo
Evelyn Paradis
National Judges Cup Director
Judy Dobransky headshot photo
Judy Dobransky - 2019
National Librarian
Brenda Eberhardt headshot photo
Brenda Eberhardt
National Website Director

Regional Judging Directors

Teresa Barnard
Region 1
Priscilla Hickey
Region 2
Marilyn Blilie headshot
Marilyn Blilie
Region 3
Robin Smith headshot
Robin Smith
Region 4
Debbie Campbell headshot
Debbie Campbell
Region 5
Pat Panichas
Bonnie Synol headshot
Bonnie Synol
Region 7
Diane Thompson headshot
Diane Thompson
Region 8

Standing Committees 2021-2022

  • Awards:
    • Bonnie**, Marilyn, Brenda, Evelyn
  • Constitution:
    • Ann**, Denise, Bonnie
  • Education: 
    • Marilyn**, Jan, Denise, Pat, Priscilla, Judy
  • Finance:
    • Robin R**, Debbie, Robin S, Priscilla
  • Helping Hands:
    • Robin S**., Diane, Teresa, Priscilla
  • History Advisory:
    • Diane**, Gina, Pat, Judy, Lois
  • JAS:
    • Cookie**, Lois, Robin R., Pat, Robin S.
  • Professional Responsibility:
    • Robin R.**, Ann, Diane, Teresa
  • Site:
    • Bonnie**, Evelyn, Marilyn, Debbie, Teresa
  • Website Content:
    • Cookie**, Brenda, Gina, Jan, Ann
  • AD Hoc Committees:
    • Uniform: Cookie**, Denise, Debbie

** Denotes Committee. Chairperson