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“NAWGJ offers educational and study materials as a courtesy to our members to help them wit the process of judging. In cases of conflict, the official documents of the gymnastics organization are the final authority. If users find an error, they should contact the developer via email to notify them of the potential mistake so it can be corrected.”

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Zoom Clinic Tips

  • Tips for Participating in Zoom Clinics
    • You should have a confirmation email  from Zoom for each clinic.  If you can’t find it, check your spam or junk mail.  If you still can’t find it, email Cookie Batsche with the date of the clinic and she will re-send the confirmation.   Please try to find your confirmation email first so she doesn’t have to respond to 350 emails!
    • Some participants have had to enter the passcode manually rather than copy and paste it from the confirmation email.  If you have trouble joining, try to type in the numbers one at a time.
    • Some participants have not been able to join the meeting on the first or second try.  If you aren’t successful at first, try a couple more times.  If you still aren’t successful, try clearing your browser cache (search internet for instructions) and/or restart your device.
    • The meeting will open about 20 minutes before the start time.  You may want to join early if you need to troubleshoot. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to help you after the clinic has started but we will try to help before the clinic begins.
    • Please monitor your audio throughout to make sure it is on mute
  • Using Zoom and YouTube at the Same Time

    Depending on your internet speed, the video quality may occasionally be a little choppy when viewed in Zoom.  The clinic videos play perfectly in the YouTube playlist developed for each clinic.  The YouTube link will be posted in the Zoom Chat after the clinic starts.  Just click on the link and it will open the YouTube playlist. A few ways to use both simultaneously:

    • If you are using a desktop or laptop, you can have both Zoom and YouTube open in your browser at the same time and toggle back and forth as you want.
    • If you have two devices, you can open Zoom in one and YouTube in the other (e.g., a phone and an IPad or a laptop and a phone.

    If you are using an iPad, you can view Zoom and YouTube side-by-side as a split screen.  Learn how to do this in one minute by watching this video .   You will want to practice this before the clinic.

Upcoming Clinics

To register for any of the remaining clinics, click on the clinic name. You will receive a confirmation email from Zoom with the information needed to join each session. PLEASE SAVE THE INFORMATION EMAIL(s). These clinics will NOT be recorded.

Past Clinics Videos