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Official Documents

  • NAWGJ Bylaws, View  Updated 12.3.2023
  • Code of Professional Responsibility, View  Includes Disciplinary Procedures - Corrected November 2023
  • Financial Documents Explanation

    NAWGJ is a Section 501(c)(3) organization (tax exempt and receiving tax deductible contributions), we are required to disclose information to the public. We must share the following documents with the public and are posting them on our web page:

    • Annual tax returns for three years (Form 990 for NAWGJ) including Form 990 schedules, attachments, and supporting documents.
    • NAWGJ’s application for exemption and all supporting documents. (We are looking through past files and will post this shortly.)
    • The determination letter that shows NAWGJ has tax-exempt status.


  • NAWGJ Insurance Information Updates for 2022-2023

    The NAWGJ insurance program has three components: insurance for its professional members, insurance for its directors and officers, and insurance for the organization when it conducts events.  The current policy period is August 16, 2022 to August 16, 2023.  A summary of each policy is provided below.  These summaries are not official and are provided solely to give our members a general understanding of the provisions of each policy. If you are asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance for an event you are sponsoring, contact C. Batsche.


Board of Director Minutes

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Board of Director Minutes

Individual Minutes listed 2000 - Present