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NAWGJ Life Members

Mission: To honor a twenty year or more NAWGJ member who has been a major clinician, provider of judging education information, provided support for NAWGJ or held NAWGJ office.

Judy Dobransky headshot photo
Judy Dobransky
National Librarian Director
Carole Ide
June Moreland
Joanne Aschenbrenner
Joanne Aschenbrenner - 2010
Dale Brown
Dale Brown
Varina French photo
Varina French

Involved with 1976/1980 Olympic Games – Gymnastics Rep to the IOC.

NAWGJ – Judges Certification Coordinator

Hit by a drunk driver 1994.
Pacific U, Oregon Hall of Fame Inductee

Varina French – Pacific Olympian
Gabrielle Williams

Kitty Kjeldsen
Mary McLellan
Audrey Schweyer
Betty Sroufe
Greta Trieber