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RFP Winners

2019 National Symposium Request for Project Winners

We truly appreciate the work they all have done to enhance the education of our judges. Projects wil be presented at Symposium and wil be available on the website.

Jan Adkins

Provided handy reference materials for many years. Her 2018 project were color coded charts covering the Composition Deductions for Levels 8-10. Updated 2019 versions are available to download from the website.

Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Level 8-10

Linda McDonald

Linda Thorberg

Donna Trevethan

“Clicker Game” – This project is in a game show format with individuals or teams using clickers to respond to questions. It can be used in various ways to review rules, to present new information, and as a history/trivia game and is adaptable for judges, coaches, or gymnasts.

Contact Donna at for specifics.