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Green Flag Award Recipients – 2018

National Recipient

Winnie Witten - 2018
National Recipient

NAWGJ Membership Background:

Winnie Witten has been a member of NAWGJ since 1981. In Michigan, she received judge of the year many times. She was the education coordinator on their NAWGJ board for 4 years before becoming the SJD for 11 years. She moved to South Carolina where she was the education coordinator for 10 years. She was also the South Carolina Assistant State Chair for 2 years and served on their board for 4 more years. She has won 2 Nettie awards. Winnie has also helped to develop and train judges from across the country on the use of their iPad for judging.

Outstanding Contributions to NAWGJ:

Winnie Witten has developed educational materials for judges for over 20 years. She has been a TA for many years. Her clinics at the State, Regional, and National levels have helped judges from the age of the floppy disc, to DVDs, to Google Classroom. Judges from across the country have benefited from her lectures and educational materials on the iPad. She has helped judges to evolve into what iPad judging is today. Since moving to Texas, her Google Classroom has benefited many. Her lectures at GAT, National Symposium, and local clinics are always well attended. Winnie has been a blessing wherever she goes. Her materials have helped judges everywhere.

Regional Recipients

  • Region 1 Deanna Hanford
  • Region 2 Devany Plentovich
  • Region 3 Winnie Witten
  • Region 4 Robin Ruegg
  • Region 5 Pam Yockey
  • Region 6 Gail McGann
  • Region 7 Bonnie Ann Synol
  • Region 8 Brenda Eberhardt

State Recipients

Region 1

  • AZ: Pam Evans
  • SoCal: Deanna Hanford

Region 2

  • AK: Devany Plentovich
  • HI: Lisa Strandtman
  • ID: Erin Jacobson
  • MT: Robbie Goeden
  • OR: Lynn McCaffrey
  • WA: Posthumously to Lee Bjella

Region 3

  • CO: Nichole Otterson
  • KS: Kim Lauderdale-Stepanek
  • NM: Megan Luthiger
  • OK: Betty Roberts
  • TX: Winnie Witten
  • WY: Brianne Rauzi

Region 4

  • MN: Robin Ruegg
  • MO: Tracy Bradshaw
  • NE: Carol Baleru

Region 5

  • IL: Christi Kearns
  • MI: Pam Yockey

Region 6

  • CT: Lorraine Duffy
  • ME: Mary Woodfin
  • MA: Jacqueline Rossini
  • NY-N: Jeanne DeKeyserling
  • NY-S: Pat Tosi
  • VT: Gail McGann

Region 7

  • MD: Carol Holden
  • NJ: Bonnie Ann Synol
  • PA: Barb Cutillo
  • VA: Peggy Bialla

Region 8

  • FL: Sharyn Strickland
  • LA: Brenda Eberhardt
  • TN: Sibby Lane