Practice Judging

The Practice Judging videos on this website are but a sample of what is available through the  Library РPractice Judging Projects. Full projects with many more routines can be purchased on Flash Drives or DVDs. Contact Judy Dobransky, National Librarian, at to place an order or if you have questions about a specific routine or evaluation.

Evaluation Booklets for 2020-2021 Projects are available for download on the  Library Practice Judging Projects page. Each project has its own booklet.

Please Note: The evaluations listed in the booklets reflect use of current rules and in most cases will not reflect evaluations received at the time of competition. For educational purposes, we sometimes use out of level performances and/or routines that were originally scored using either an older or a different set of rules.

Optional Videos by Level

2020-2021 Library Projects
Whether you need to practice for testing or just want to review all events, these videos will help you to succeed! There are a few routines for each level at each event.

Video thumbnail
Beam Me Up Scotty! Is she a Nifty 9 or a Terrific 10? Judge as either or both and compare!
Do Bars Make You Crazy? National Caliber Level 10 Routines
Video thumbnail
Level 6 Never Assume Project
Video thumbnail
Level 7 Never Assume Project
Video thumbnail
Level 8 Never Assume Project
Level 8 - Events Project
Level 9 - Events Project
Level 10 - Events Project

Optional Videos by Event

2020-2021 Projects
Now that you have your assignment, you can get your brain and hand in gear by using these videos or maybe just to work on your least favorite event! There are a few routines for each event at each level.

Vault: Levels 8, 9, 10 - 2020-2021
Bars: Levels 8, 9, 10 - 2020-2021
Beam: Levels 8, 9, 10 - 2020-2021
Floor: Levels 8, 9, 10 - 2020-2021

Xcel Videos

2020 Xcel Videos

Compulsory Videos

Warm up your judging skills with these routines to ensure that the first athlete of the meet is not the first athlete you've judged for the competition.

Vault 2018-2019 Levels 3/4/5
Bars 2018-2019 Levels 3/4/5
Beam 2018-2019 Levels 3/4/5
Floor 2018-2019 Levels 3/4/5