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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made lifelong contributions to NAWGJ and the judging community. These individuals have distinguished themselves as an advocate for NAWGJ issues, clinicians, educational contributors, and/or exemplary officer in NAWGJ.

Hall of Fame Awards

Life Membership

Life Membership is awarded to individuals who have been NAWGJ members for 20 or more years and who have served as major clinicians or educational contributors and/or who have provided support for NAWGJ or held an office within the organization.

Life Members

Green Flag Awards

The Green Flag Award is presented annually to NAWGJ members who have made outstanding contributions to our organization, who promote professionalism, and demonstrate leadership. The awards are given at the state, regional, and national levels.

Green Flag Recipients – 2021
Green Flag Recipients – 2020
Green Flag Recipients – 2019
Green Flag Recipients – 2018