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Membership Fee: $60.00

All NAWGJ Memberships have an expiration date of July 31.

NAWGJ ONLINE Membership Site – Join/Renew/Update

Join, Renew, View, or Update your Member Profile


PLEASE Keep it current! Maintaining a current Membership Profile is every judge’s responsibility. You should update your profile whenever personal information changes: name, address, phone number, email or rating. Not only does this help out NAWGJ State and Regional officers, it ensures that you will be able to vote in the appropriate elections.

How to Join:

New Certified judges can join NAWGJ online for a one time 50% discount of $30 using the code NEW JUDGE. You MUST have a current rating to join NAWGJ.

To join online, click the above link to the Membership Site, complete the requested information, and pay online with a credit card (Wild Apricot does NOT take debit cards).  Please print and retain your receipt as proof of your NAWGJ membership. Your membership will be approved when your rating is verified. If you are joining with a rating from another orgaization (NGA, AAU…) please email rating verification to the NAWGJ Secretary,

Memberships expire July 31 each year and must be renewed before judging a meet.

How to Renew online:

Use the link above. Click the “View Profile” under your name. Edit (gray box) your information as needed and click ‘renew’ under Membership Details. Pay with a credit card. Your date wil renew to 7/31/__.

If you prefer to mail a check, simply print out the APPLICATION FORM and send the completed form along with the membership fee (make check payable to NAWGJ) to the NAWGJ Secretary:

Denise Green
166 Winfield Drive
Castle Rock, WA 98611

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

There is a $30 surcharge for a dishonored check..

Benefits of NAWGJ Membership

  • Assignment to meets according to the rating achieved.
  • National Website:  This website will offer you access to our official documents, the NAWGJ Education Academy, forms, videos, study aids, history, and National Governing Board minutes. You can also link to the USAG and NCAA sites.
  • Professional liability insurance – up to $1 million per occurrence. This insurance is available only to active NAWGJ members.
  • NAWGJ Library – study aids, apparel, and judging accessories.
  • Representation on the USA Gymnastics Advisory Council and WCGA (Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association)

Benefits for Meet Directors

For Meet Directors, there are many advantages of assignment of judges by NAWGJ. NAWGJ is pleased to be of service to organizations in need of contracting gymnastics officials for gymnastics competitions throughout the United States. Our network of volunteer individuals work many hours assigning meets on a local, state, regional, and national level. Advantages of contracting officials through NAWGJ include:

  • Quality
    NAWGJ provides gymnastics officials who have met Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements, have been actively judging at the level at which they have been assigned, and who are current members of NAWGJ.
  • Objectivity
    NAWGJ strives for objective, impartial judging by communicating with the Meet Director and respective personnel to assign the most qualified judges.
  • Professional Standards
    NAWGJ sets standards for ethical behavior via its Code of Professional Responsibility.